Seeing stars: evening at the theater


Liesl and I went to see The Star. This is essentially an updated, animated story of Joseph and Mary. It’s presented from the perspective of the manger’s animals. Chief among them the ass.

The second scene was set on Mary and Joseph’s wedding celebration. It involved The Magdalene puzzling over how to inform her new husband of the immaculate condition of her baby bump. I sensed immediately I was in deep shit. But I was distracted when Joseph offered to do all the dirty wedding dishes. Distracted wondering where my sensibilities should stand… on the side of celebrating smashed gender roles? or of sneering at the revisionism?

I awoke from this reflection about half way through the film. We were sitting in the front row -an abandoned bank of upholstered automatic recliners. On her hands and knees she skittered over arm rests from four seats away and, so near I could feel her breath on my face, announced, in a noisy whisper, “this is a God movie! I love God movies!”

I had no idea. I spent most of the second half wondering when and how she’d set about exploring the genre.

We were back in the car and heading home before I realized I hadn’t escaped a key question, “Dad, how does the baby get from the mommy’s tummy to the outside?”

I weighed my options…

I guess she was so delighted by my one word answer that she never thought to ask specifics on how it got in there in the first place.



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