It’s a jungle in there


A rocking chair, four books, and a stuffed dog had her almost to the snow globe. Her fingertips caressed the base as she tried to creep near enough to close her whole hand on it. She’d almost had it once when the chair rocked just right. As she strained to reenact that moment he came crashing out of his closet, hair wild and eyes wide, waiving his arms around. Caught surprised, onesie soles worn thin, her feet slipped. Luckily she landed on the stuffed dog. The globe stayed in its spot. Slowly swaying in the chair, wondering if he’d seen her snooping, she gawked at her brother, mouth agape.
“It’s a jungle in there!” He said.
She stared at the closet door.
“C’mon!” He said.
She shook her head.
“I’ll give you the snow globe…” He sang.
Slowly, she slid from the chair and backed up to the bedroom door, eyes on him.
“Just one little look?” He asked.
Lifting her chin she flicked her eyes to the closet and back.
He swept his arm in the direction of the closet door and his own eyes followed–
In that instant she was out the door and pattering down the hall.



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